Riain McAtamney

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Riain, a DOPEY DEVeloper. I work mostly on the web but dabble in desktop land too. All on the .Net stack.

  1. WCF - Interprocess Communication with Sample Code

    Recently I have been working on a project that involves sending and receiving messages from one Windows application to another application which is running in a separate process. Initially I was going to use .Net Remoting as there was some code in the project that already did something similar however…

    on .Net

  2. JavaScript Namespacing Basics

    In this post I'll discuss the basics of Javascript namespacing and how to implement it. What is namespacing? Namespacing is a technique used in many programming languages to avoid conflicts of objects and variables in the global scope. They are usually used to group objects and variables around a particular…

    on Javascript

  3. Akismet - Is this the solution to spam?

    Since starting this blog mid last year I have checked traffic levels a few times using the tools provided by my hosting provider (DiscountASP.NET). As expected the traffic has been pretty low. Small number of blog posts in a niche area of the internet was never going to get…

    on General Development

  4. UPX - Does Size Matter?

    As I mentioned in a previous blog, CEF is a great project and framework. However, one thing I noticed was the size of the main dll (libcef.dll). For the version of CEF I was using the libcef dll was ~33MB. Quite big. In fact this was the largest file…

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  5. The "Joy" of PDFs

    Recently I have been working on an PDF Viewer. Basically a desktop application that has the ability to launch a PDF file. Previously the application relied on integration with Adobe and a hefty license fee. So an open source PDF viewer was required. Step up pdf.js. This project is…

    on Javascript

  6. Hello world!

    (Sorry couldn't resist) …